Miriam Tamayo

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Miriam Tamayo

Visual Artist based in Berlin; Photography, collage, graphics /mixed media digital media & watercolour painting

Miriam Tamayo's digital collages are based on the photographic medium. Textures and surface structures are mixed and connected by exploring with layering, skewing and overlapping between texture and transparency.

Study trips and residencies in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Tanzania, Algeria, France and  Spain.


"In my artistic trajectory, I have moved from the realistic figurative representation of the photographic view to abstraction. In the patterns observed by nature, I recognized the infinite creator diversity of nature. This journey from the materialist who photographed representational things and was in search of external beauty of form, I have come to the view that the matter from which something is formed, the way in which it shows itself to us and makes it perceptible, is part of something greater, of which we are a part and in which we participate by choosing each moment to see what we see and co-create this reality"


2006-2009         Studies of Photography with german DAAD Graduate Scholarship
                          Escuela de Fotografia Creativa Andy Goldstein, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1999-2006         Magister Artium in Ethnology, Freie Universitšt Berlin, Germany

2001-2003         Study visit Universitť Paris VII Denis Diderot,            
                          Focus Visual Anthropology, Paris, France

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